Our Vision

Because we believe that education is the first step to get out of poverty, and the need for that is Taharum contributing to alleviating their suffering

Objectives of the association

- Work to spread awareness of the situation of Eritrean refugees and their scarce resources by UNHCR in Egypt at an individual and educational level
About Tarahum
Tarahum is a Swedish Eritrean organization established by a group of volunteers in 2019 Which is when we, Tarahum, sought the help of many brothers and others who could provide help of all kinds, material and moral. From this standpoint, the idea of establishing a volunteer association supports and touches the conditions of our Eritrean people.
After seeing reports of the conditions of Eritrean refugee families in Egypt, what the families there suffer from is the cost of education which has become as obstacle for many parents to educate their young. We decided to start this charitable project to support primary school education for Eritrean refugees in Egypt
Because few of us mean a lot to the, with your contributions we alleviate their suffering. And the most beloved of people to God is the most beneficial to them.